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  • Long delays are one of Benz Tours' worst experiences, and we do everything we can to avoid them. Nevertheless, they do happen. We can’t control the weather, acts of God, riots, traffic congestion or security-related situations. In these cases, we won’t provide compensation, but we will do our best to get you on your way as quickly as possible.
  • Please allow plus and minus 15 minutes waiting time. 
  • Our prime objective is to let you know as early as possible if there’s a schedule change or delay due to weather, road closure or AOG, so please provide us with accurate contact information at time of booking. We can’t contact you if we don’t have the right telephone or email information.  Also, please schedule your shuttle at least 6 hours before your flight time.  We don't want you to be late and miss your flight.
  • All tickets sold on this site are return tickets.  Within 6 hours upon arrival your destination, you can still return where you started or choose any other locations with the same ticket with no extra charge. After 6 hours, the ticket will be expired.  Thank you.